EWMC Pvt. Ltd. bear the following expertise in the domain of waste management.

• Waste Identification
• Waste Analysis
• Waste Segregation
• Waste Handling and Transportation
• Waste Treatment and Disposal

In particular, EWMC Pvt. Ltd also provide following services.

• Designing of Waste Management Plan
• Handling of Hazardous Waste
• Safe and Environmentally-Friendly Disposal of Hazardous Waste
• Research for Recycling or Reuse of Waste


EWMC Pvt. Ltd especially focus on providing a well thought of solutions keeping in view the different dimensions of waste management and their impacts on each component of the environment. It is clearly understood that if hazardous waste is disposed of in a conventional manner then it may cause serious impacts to human health and the environment. Therefore, EWMC Pvt. Ltd considers all environmental aspects including the national legislative requirements while conceiving the waste disposal strategy. In addition, EWMC Pvt. Ltd adopts international standards for the analysis of hazardous waste materials as well as for the estimation of their respective pollutants while considering the disposal options.


Another edge of EWMC Pvt. Ltd is its waste collection and transporting system which strictly follows HSE protocols as per prevailing international standards. EWMC Pvt. Ltd hires third party audited vehicles having FTW (fit to work) status as and when required. EWMC Pvt. Ltd also ensures that the drivers and their companions engaged for the waste transportation are in proper PPEs and must have trainings pertaining to the Safe Driving and Road Safety besides the reasonable knowledge of HSE. The drivers are mandatory trained about the sensitivity of work. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with following:

  • First Aid Box
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Spark Arrester
  • Complete Tools Kit
  • Spare Tyre
  • Radio Set (Wireless Communication System)
  • Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)
  • Warning Signs


The first concept of ISWM is based on life cycle assessment of a product from its production and consumption point of view. The reduction in consumption, and utilization of discarded products within the production system as a substitute for new resources, can lead to reduced end-of-cycle waste generation; thus, less efforts and resources would be required for the final disposal of the waste.


The second concept of ISWM is based on its generation from different sources including domestic, commercial, industrial and agriculture. This waste could be further classified as hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The former has to be segregated at source and treated for disposal in accordance with the strict regulations. 3R approach (reduce, reuse and recycle) is applicable both at source as well as at the different levels of solid waste management chain including collection, transportation, treatment and disposal.


The third concept of ISWM is based on its management which includes regulations and laws, institutions, financial mechanisms, technology and infrastructure, and role of various stakeholders in the solid waste management chain.


Since its inception in 2002 the EWMC Pvt. Ltd has accomplished a number of challenging waste disposal projects in conjunction with compliance of local and internationally recognized HSE norms & rules pertained to variety of Hazardous and Non Hazardous Liquid and Solid waste disposal and therefore not only won the prestigious NFEH Excellence awards twice in the stated category in 2007 and 2009 as an accreditation for its meritorious services to Environment and Health by National Forum for Environment & Health but also won the trust of esteemed clientele engaged in a variety of businesses all over the country. EWMC Pvt. Ltd provides total solution for the disposal of wastes that are environmentally safe to the utmost possible level.


EWMC Pvt. Ltd has executed following major projects in the past:

  • Development & Implementation of IWMS at ENI Pakistan Limited Bhit Gas Field Camp Sites/Plant & Wellheads.
  • Disposal of Oily Sludge from Shell Pakistan Limited Installations all over Pakistan.
  • Disposal of Asbestos Sheets from Shell Pakistan Limited Installations all over Pakistan.
  • Disposal of Oily Sludge and Hazardous Chemicals (Liquid & Solid Waste) for British Petroleum Pakistan.
  • Disposal of Oil Based Mud & OBM Cuttings from ENI Pakistan Limited Drilling Locations.
  • Disposal of Fly Ash from Saba Power Complex Sheikupura.
  • Disposal of Contaminated Oily Waste from Exterran Pakistan (JJVL LPG/LNG Extraction Plant Jamshoro).
  • Disposal of Oil Contaminated Soil from Chevron Pakistan Limited
  • Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste from Pfizer Pakistan West Wharf and S.I.T.E. Facilities.
  • Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste from GSK Pakistan West Wharf Facility.
  • Disposal of Chemical Waste for ESBI (Rousch) Power Plant.
  • Disposal of Siliporite Molecular Sieves, Ceramic Balls & Activated Carbon for OGDCL (Qadirpur) Gas Field.
  • Disposal of Oil Contaminated Soil from Total Parco Pakistan Limited facilities all over Pakistan.

Following are some of the hazardous waste that EWMC Pvt. Ltd has been handling for its various clients.

• Oily Waste
• Oily Sludge
• Contaminated Soil
• Coal Ash
• Contaminated / Hazardous Slag
• NORM Contaminated Soil
• Pharmaceutical Waste
• Clinical / Hospital Waste
• Expired Chemicals Waste
• Expired Additives Waste
• Diethanolamine (DEA)
• Trichloroethylene (TCE)
• Activated Carbon
• Asbestos
• Siliporite Molecular Sieves
• Spent Catalysts
• Insulation Materials
• Rubber and Plastic Waste
• Oil Based Mud Cuttings
• Oil Filters
• Air Filters
• Amine Filters
• Coalesces Filters
• Cartriges
• Saw Dust
• Metal Waste
• Food Waste
• Used Batteries

Waste Mangement Solutions

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